Triangular Craft Sighting

Location:                              Mufreesboro, TN Sighting Date:                      Mar. 31, 2015 Sighting Time:                      6:30-7Pm Number of Witnesses:         2 Description of Object:  Triangular Craft, approximately  60-70 Ft. in diameter, Red Light in the middle of the bottom of the object that slowly pulsed in intensity.  White lights on the corners similar to fluorescent  lights, very soft […]

Norris Tennessee Sighting

UFO sighting, Norris, TN.  21 August 2016 On the evening of 21 August, 2016, I observed a number of unidentified flying objects.  In total – four of them appearing as two pairs.  The observing point was at 36o 12’ 09” N; 84o 04’ 49” W.  The time was about 2100 LST. At first two appeared […]

New Witness Video

I have the greatest witnesses here in Tennessee! Take a look at this great witness video that was sent over to me… And if you have seen something similar, let us know!  

A Rash of Recent Photos

In the past few months I have had a steady stream of photos sent in to MUFON of Tennessee.  People are excited and feel that they have really captured a UFO.  Unfortunately, often, what they have captured is a Lens Flare.  This is a digital artifact of photographing a bright object such as a bright […]