Norris Tennessee Sighting

MUFON of Tennessee

UFO sighting, Norris, TN.  21 August 2016

On the evening of 21 August, 2016, I observed a number of unidentified flying objects.  In total – four of them appearing as two pairs.  The observing point was at 36o 12’ 09” N; 84o 04’ 49” W.  The time was about 2100 LST.

At first two appeared in the northern sky (bearing about 30 deg) and moved to the south, appearing to be over Norris Lake.  There was some cloud cover to the east, and the objects moved under the cloud.  One of the pair moved to a very low altitude and moved slowly  to the east where it was finally obscured by the trees surrounding my point of observation (bearing about 90 deg).  The second of this first pair moved consistently to the south, eventually disappearing into the distant southern sky being obscured by my house (bearing about 135 deg).

The objects were identical.  They were a collection of white lights surrounding a red light at what appeared to be the center.  The white lights appeared to move quickly and intermittently – jerking; not as one would expect from a solid object moving on a path with uniform momentum.  I do not think the central red light jerked.  It is possible that the apparent motion of the white lights could have been due to rotation.  My eyes were not good enough to be certain that rotation was involved.

After these two disappeared from the field of view, another identical pair appeared from the north, again bearing 30 deg. These two dawdled across the northern sky.  One appeared to describe a large circle before exiting near where it came from.  The other moved to the south-east and then curved to the horizon, bearing about 90 deg.

The red lights were all centered in the array of white lights.  At times, the outline of the structure appeared, but this was quite indistinct.  The vehicles were certainly not regulation aircraft.  The red light was a centerpiece, not a demarcation of a wingtip or some other aircraft feature.  Rather than run for a camera, I stayed still so as to memorize what I was seeing.

There was no sound associated with any of the objects.  The possibility that they were in some way like helicopters seems rather unlikely.  At one stage, one of the objects appeared to descend very rapidly, but all such impressions remain simply impressions.  The overall width of the objects appeared to subtend an angle of about 10% of the moon (which was not present on the night in question).

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