Triangular Craft Sighting

MUFON of Tennessee

Location:                              Mufreesboro, TN
Sighting Date:                      Mar. 31, 2015
Sighting Time:                      6:30-7Pm
Number of Witnesses:         2

Description of Object:  Triangular Craft, approximately  60-70 Ft. in diameter, Red Light in the middle of the bottom of the object that slowly pulsed in intensity.  White lights on the corners similar to fluorescent  lights, very soft lighting that also pulsed in intensity.  The lights never did go out completely.

Altitude:  200Ft.

Description of Event:
Object came in from the north, moving south, traveling about 80-90 mph.  Before we lost sight of the object it had made a hard turn from a southern direction and moved off  to the west when it seemed to just disappear.  When the object moved parallel to the witness’s point of view, it appeared so thin that it just vanished and none of the lights that were previously displayed on the top or bottom could be seen. The witness repeatedly stressed how strange it was when the 3 dimensional object turned parallel to their vantage point,  it seemed like it was almost 2 dimensional and then it just seemed to vanish before their eyes.

This is one of my favorite cases as both Witnesses are military aircraft enthusiasts, are trained observers, had no belief in the UFO Phenomena and have a very high degree of credibility.  The witnesses were profoundly affected by this sighting, experiencing emotional and psychological after effects. Interestingly, and also common, this was the 2nd sighting of a strange object, with the first sighting being reported to the local police department due to the strange nature of the event.  My witnesses are not alarmist  and would never had made such a report unless they felt the situation was possibly threatening or completely unidentifiable.

Angelia Sheer/ State Director/ Chief Investigator  MUFON of Tennessee

Triangular Craft

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