Initial Investigation Results “The Peeping Aliens”


Wow… that really sums up our initial investigation into what I have named, “The Case of the Peeping Aliens”.   I chose this case as one of our upcoming Field Investigations, due to it’s descriptions of actual close range entities.  To bring everyone up to date on all of the initial facts of the case, here is a brief overview of the initial report. Following will be our initial investigation notes.

The witness, 9 years old at the time, was staying at a family members house and had been playing outside all day.  The witness reports that it was late spring/early summer, was a Saturday by all recollection and he had just finished his shower and he went to his back bedroom to get his tub of toys to play with. He came out into the hallway walking toward the living room where adults were watching TV. He happen to glance out into one of the bedrooms as he passed by and there standing in the window were 2 grayish beings. One of these beings looked like a typical Gray was about 4 ft. tall and the other was taller 5-6 ft. both with long necks. The witness was frozen in fear at this point and as he watched another being came into view and seemed to press his face against the window. This being was turning its head in a very unusual way. The being would look very slow side to side then it would look to the left in such a way that the witness felt that it was looking at something else. The witness was in shock, frozen in what he thought was fear and disbelief. The witness just stood there with his tub of toys. Finally, he just ran down the hall into the living room and informed a family member. This adult had the strangest reaction,  he just got up, closed the blinds in the same room,  turned up the TV and just ignored the whole event. Even as young as he was, the Witness was confused by this behavior. Since that time another witness has come forward with a similar sighting, in the same general area. Both described the beings in the same manner with the 2nd witness describing seeing 4 of the entities with one even pointing at him.  Neither witness knew of the other sighting until recently when inquiries were made. Also, strange greenish lights have been seen entering and leaving the woods behind the house on many occasions The witness is credible, well spoken and has reached a point that he would like to at least investigate with our team and see if we can uncover any more information.

Investigation Notes Overview:

  1.  During the daytime hours high, consistent magnetic field strength readings.
  2.  Unusual readings on our “Bug Detector” on several trees surrounding the house.  Notes:  This instrument detects RF in the cellular band width range and should NOT have had any readings around a live tree.  It’s primary function is to detect “bugs, listening devices” inside of homes, businesses, etc.)
  3.  Unusual readings on our primary witness with the “Bug Detector, RF Detector” again.  Notes:  As far as we can determine to date, this should not be happening in a human subject.
  4. Upon approximately the third test with RF Detector, the witness had a spontaneous nose bleed.  Notes:  I have never had this happen in 35 years of researching… very strange.
  5. Other family members had anomalous readings with the RF detector.
  6. As we were finalizing our investigation upon the spontaneous nose bleed, the security light that was near by, inexplicably went out!
  7. On this investigation, no anomalous lights were seen or recorded but the investigation was cut short due to the unexpected nose bleed incident.
  8. Previous to our investigation, family members of the primary witness and members of the research team, received strange phone calls that could not be traced or when called back played back the “this # is no longer in service and is disconnected” message. These numbers were called back within minutes of the original phone calls.
  9. This case is still under investigation at this time.


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