MUFON of Tennessee Meeting – Sept. 22, 2-4PM

MUFON of Tennessee

Hi to all from MUFON of Tennessee!  We are honored to have a special guest speaker at our September meeting.

Brent Raynes has been interested in UFO close encounters and the visitor phenomenon since early 1967, when at age 14 he decided to become a “ufologist” after reading Flying Saucers – Serious Business by Frank Edwards. He has been the editor of Alternate Perceptions online magazine ( for 33 years, has given talks from Maine to Washington state, and authored two books on UFOs; Visitors From Hidden Realms (2004), On The Edge of Reality (2009), with a third coming out around November tentatively entitled “John A. Keel: The Man, the Myths, and the Mysteries.”

“Brent  will be talking about UFO Close Encounters, their emerging implications and the very strange world of witnesses who have reported ongoing interactions with this mysterious phenomena.

Brent and the esteemed UFO Investigator and Author,  Jacques Vallee










We look forward to seeing everyone and as always… Keep Looking Up!

Edmondson Pk. Library
5501 Edmondson Pk,
Nashville, TN  37211

Welcome to MUFON of Tennessee


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