Rutherford County UFO Investigation


What a great investigation last night with my Tennessee MUFON Team.  Joe Escue was the lead investigator last night on a very interesting case! But, before we jump into the details, I
would like to thank our wonderful witnesses for having us into their home with all of our questions and equipment.  I cannot say enough about the courage it takes for many to come forward with their strange events.  Every experience, every piece of evidence, and every small detail helps us in the search for answers about this great mystery. I also urge anyone else
who is reading this report, if you have had you’re own sighting, please let us know! Now… on with details of this great IR capture.

The object above was captured on a home IR security camera.  At first, we thought the object just may be an IR reflection from the car. But, after some investigating we discovered some very interesting things:

1)  The object appeared 3 consecutive nights with no change of outside object positions and then disappeared.
2)  The object changed positions in the frame, again with no change of outside objects.
3)  The object set off the alarm on the outside camera system.  (This wouldn’t happen with just a lens flare or IR shadow).
4)   When the alarm was set off the camera snapped off the images but the security light didn’t come on.  That’s really strange!
5)  We found higher radiation readings in the area where the object was spotted than normal background readings.

At this time we are ruling this case as an “Unknown” until any further information is forthcoming.  All in all this was a great capture and a fun case! And… remember… keep looking up!

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