Historical Case Circa June 1998 Sevierville, TN

This is why I love my work!  I spoke with a witness just yesterday about an event that he experienced when he was a child.
The above object is a representation of what he saw that night.  On the night in question the witness reported:

Location:  Sevierville, Tn, Off Hwy. 411 towards Flat Creek.

“I saw a black saucer shaped UFO with spinning flashing red yellow orange and blue lights hovering slowly over our house in the Sky at night. I was 8 or 9 years of age.  I saw it slowly hovering over so I went in and got my brother to come and see. We were standing on the steps of our porch. My brother went back in but I was amazed at what I was seeing, for at least 20 minutes I watched that thing come over our trees and hover very slowly then stop and it started flashing the lights then it just kept going over our house.”

This phenomena is more mysterious than we know.  As we were discussing his experience, it dawned on him that he actually had no idea why he decided to go out on the porch, in the dark, at night.  And… this is what he saw!  This experience changed his life and he has been researching ever since to find answers.  This kind of life changing event is so common with so many of my witnesses and experiencers.  Many have fear at first as it changes their world views in a radical manner.  But, as time goes by, for many a fever takes hold to learn and grow from their experience.  They are forever transformed and feel an awe for life and the universe.

Thank you my brave witness for sharing your story with me and with MUFON of Tennessee… and as always… keep looking up!

Angelia Sheer

State Director, Star Team

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