Times Are “A” Changing

Times are a changing … for us old hunters these new articles are both validating and somehow insufferable. I’ve been interviewing credible people for going on 40 years now… at this point I’ve spoken to at least 2500 individuals that experienced something that was so disturbing to their current beliefs they risked rejection and ridicule to come forward. This 2500 was also adjusted to weed out hoaxes, mis-identifications, and psychological issues. We’ve known how immense this universe really is for a long time … did the mainstream just wake up out of a coma? The same people who used to make fun are now calling me and my fellow investigators for answers… we’re booked everywhere for radio shows, conferences, speaking engagements… We’re so busy we can’t keep up… I’m glad to see these articles come forward. Maybe it will help the general public who has never really wrestled with this issue… but for all of us who have really seen things, sat with terrified good people who no one would help, endured the cold, long night just to try and get that rare picture… we all smile a little and say, … “we told you so”… A. Sheer, State Director

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