Investigation at Normandy Lake

Hi Everyone! Don Williams and I did a small reconnaissance mission last night investigating two cases. A few years ago we were doing work with a young man on his farm near Normandy lake when a huge triangular craft silently glided over our heads, stopped, hovered, (just like it knew we were there) and then just slowly sauntered off over the tree line. And… NONE of us got a picture, we just stood there with our mouths open. The craft was a classic triangular shape with a blood red beacon on the bottom. It was so close we could see what appeared to be windows that were illuminated around the outside edges. Don (a long time pilot) commented that he had never seen a beacon of that deep color or size. It was enormous in comparison to the overall ship. It hovered, moved slowly and made NO sound. No known aircraft could have done that without losing lift. To this day we all groan when we think of this case and no pictures or video… I understand witnesses now when they say they didn’t get a picture because they were so shocked at what they were seeing. Last night we found a great place to observe near the damn and actually caught two high altitude vehicles, moving fast with no recognizable light beacon array… that was interesting for sure! Lastly, as we were finally packing it in to leave, a very high pitched whine started in. We actually could not pinpoint it’s source at all… we checked every bag and piece of equipment but nothing was on and everything was locked down. We were in the middle of nowhere (we actually got lost for a while coming home) and that whine was loud and lasted for about 2 minutes which is really a long time. We plan on returning to this same spot soon… we will keep you posted. A. Sheer, SD

As always… If you have had a sighting please contact us!  We would love to hear from you….

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  • Wiilliam Wallace says:

    Need to find out where my husband can get hypnotized. He and I really think/ no, we’re pretty positive he was abducted awhile ago.. problem is he didn’t see any grays, he saw lizards and praying mantis. Lost 2. 1/2 hours of time. Driving him crazy. Need to find out for his own wellbeing. Thank you so much. Place closest to the Manchester Tn area

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