Updated UFO Activity in Tennessee

Tennessee has a lot of UFO Activity reported… here is an update of current cases:Jasper– 7 Bright lights moving togetherSpringhill, TN–An oval shaped object spottedNashville–Black diamond shaped object moving slowly across the sky.Lanoir City– Circular object reported.Cordova– 3 bright round lightsPioneer– a sphereCleveland–White orb like objectTrenton–Erratically moving objects reportedSelmer– another sphere was reportedElizabethtown–A star like […]

MUFON Meetings

We will resume MUFON Meetings as soon as possible as imposed guidelines due to Covid are lifted. In October, we hope to hold a virtual meeting via Facebook live and will keep everyone posted as soon as dates and times are arranged. We appreciate your reports and interest in MUFON–Angelia Sheer, State Director