MUFON Meeting August 4th, 1-3:00PM

Hi to all from MUFON of Tennessee!  Our next meeting is coming up and will be led by my Assistant State Director, Josh Cross.  Josh has some exciting things to share and I  will be on hand to talk with folks who may have any questions!  We look forward to seeing everyone…. and keep looking up! […]

Reliance Tennessee Investigation

Wow!  That about sums up our recent investigation in this small mountain town.  Reliance is situated in the Appalachian Mountains and is near the Hiawassee  and Ocoee Rivers.  During our recent investigation we were privileged to meet and interview some really incredible witnesses, document some very anomalous magnetic field strength readings and actually be lucky […]

Exciting Times in Tennessee

Take a look at this classic saucer captured right here in Tennessee. If you or someone you know has had a sighting, please let us know. We have witnesses from all walks of life come forward to share their stories and as always, their privacy and confidentiality are always protected! We hope to hear from […]

Special Guest… “Witness J”

We are honored and excited to present for the first public lecture, “Witness J”.  Myself and my team have been working with this witness for over 2 years now and it reads like an episode of the x-files.  There is missing time, strange physical marks, hovering lights, orbs, black helicopters and over 2 hours of […]

Triangular Craft Sighting

Location:                              Mufreesboro, TN Sighting Date:                      Mar. 31, 2015 Sighting Time:                      6:30-7Pm Number of Witnesses:         2 Description of Object:  Triangular Craft, approximately  60-70 Ft. in diameter, Red Light in the middle of the bottom of the object that slowly pulsed in intensity.  White lights on the corners similar to fluorescent  lights, very soft […]

Norris Tennessee Sighting

UFO sighting, Norris, TN.  21 August 2016 On the evening of 21 August, 2016, I observed a number of unidentified flying objects.  In total – four of them appearing as two pairs.  The observing point was at 36o 12’ 09” N; 84o 04’ 49” W.  The time was about 2100 LST. At first two appeared […]

New Witness Video

I have the greatest witnesses here in Tennessee! Take a look at this great witness video that was sent over to me… And if you have seen something similar, let us know!  

A Rash of Recent Photos

In the past few months I have had a steady stream of photos sent in to MUFON of Tennessee.  People are excited and feel that they have really captured a UFO.  Unfortunately, often, what they have captured is a Lens Flare.  This is a digital artifact of photographing a bright object such as a bright […]