December Updates

  It’s been an exciting year with Tennessee MUFON.  Our team has had some incredible cases, sightings, interviews, radio shows and just plain fun!  If you have ever had a sighting or just been interested in the UFO Phenomena, consider joining MUFON and/or becoming a Certified Field Investigator.  We hope to see you at one […]

Tennessee Case of Interest

Sitting outside my home around 9pm and my son in law spotted something flying towards the house. Flying fast no sound. we live 8 miles from town. Lights were bright enough we could see the difference in color and a shape in the object. It was moving straight an then backwards, up and down. My […]

MUFON of Tennessee Meeting – Sept. 22, 2-4PM

Hi to all from MUFON of Tennessee!  We are honored to have a special guest speaker at our September meeting. Brent Raynes has been interested in UFO close encounters and the visitor phenomenon since early 1967, when at age 14 he decided to become a “ufologist” after reading Flying Saucers – Serious Business by Frank Edwards. He […]

New Book of MUFON’S Best Cases

Check out the link below to have a peek into the new book, “UFO Cases of Interest” by Roger Marsh.  So much is happening here in Tennessee right now, that my field investigators and myself are working daily to contact all of the witness that have reported a UFO sighting.  Here is a link to the […]

Initial Investigation Results “The Peeping Aliens”

Wow… that really sums up our initial investigation into what I have named, “The Case of the Peeping Aliens”.   I chose this case as one of our upcoming Field Investigations, due to it’s descriptions of actual close range entities.  To bring everyone up to date on all of the initial facts of the case, here […]

West Tennessee Investigation – “The Peeking Aliens”

Well it’s time to roll out the team again for another exciting investigation. This time Josh Cross, Don Williams and myself, will be headed to east Tennessee to investigate a family with a history of entity sightings, strange lights, mysterious phone calls and multiple events of high strangeness. The drawing above was done by a […]

MUFON Meeting August 4th, 1-3:00PM

Hi to all from MUFON of Tennessee!  Our next meeting is coming up and will be led by my Assistant State Director, Josh Cross.  Josh has some exciting things to share and I  will be on hand to talk with folks who may have any questions!  We look forward to seeing everyone…. and keep looking up! […]