Times Are “A” Changing

Times are a changing … for us old hunters these new articles are both validating and somehow insufferable. I’ve been interviewing credible people for going on 40 years now… at this point I’ve spoken to at least 2500 individuals that experienced something that was so disturbing to their current beliefs they risked rejection and ridicule […]

MUFON of Tennessee May Meeting

Don’t miss our next MUFON Meeting coming up, May 18, 2019 from 1:00PM-3:00PM Special guest speaker, “Witness J” returns by popular demand to continue speaking about his case! Nashville Public Library,  Edmondson Pike Branch, 5501 Edmondson Pike, Nashville, TN 37211

MUFON Case Update: Near Collinwood TN

I traveled yesterday to do an on sight investigation of a sighting that occured near the Collinwood, TN area.  We were able to pinpoint the location exactly but actual size is always a challenge!  My witnesses have spent hours making drawings, calculating distances, gathering color swatches and communicating with me about the details of this […]

Historical Case Circa June 1998 Sevierville, TN

This is why I love my work!  I spoke with a witness just yesterday about an event that he experienced when he was a child. The above object is a representation of what he saw that night.  On the night in question the witness reported: Location:  Sevierville, Tn, Off Hwy. 411 towards Flat Creek. “I […]

Rutherford County UFO Investigation

  What a great investigation last night with my Tennessee MUFON Team.  Joe Escue was the lead investigator last night on a very interesting case! But, before we jump into the details, I would like to thank our wonderful witnesses for having us into their home with all of our questions and equipment.  I cannot […]

Help! on a current investigation!

Looking for anyone that might have additional information on a current investigation.  This event took place back in Feb.-Mar. 1969 around 7:30Pm in the Chattanooga area.  So many people saw this craft that an actual newspaper article was written about it. I have several calls out to the newspaper historian, but so far no return […]

Thanks to Everyone Who Attended The MUFON Meeting!

  Wow!  What a great turnout and great group of people.  We really appreciate all of the support, attendaance and great questions! Also, I would like to thank my brave “Witness” for driving a good distance to answer questions and talk about his sighting. This event happened on the Natchez Trace a few years ago.  […]

January 2019 MUFON Meeting

Don’t miss our next MUFON Meeting coming up, January 26, 2018 from 11:00Am-1:00PM Nashville Public Library,  Edmondson Pike Branch, 5501 Edmondson Pike, Nashville, TN 37211

December Updates

  It’s been an exciting year with Tennessee MUFON.  Our team has had some incredible cases, sightings, interviews, radio shows and just plain fun!  If you have ever had a sighting or just been interested in the UFO Phenomena, consider joining MUFON and/or becoming a Certified Field Investigator.  We hope to see you at one […]