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Since I was very young, I have been obsessed with the question “Are we alone?”. In our world today, with it’s increasing complexity and understanding about the vastness of our universe, how can we not all be enraptured with the idea of life elsewhere?

In spanning 30 years of private research, to the honor of heading up MUFON of Tennessee, I would like to invite those with the spirit of Curiosity and Adventure to join our team. We have many opportunities available to all… from organizing meetings, educating the public, technical consulting, and good old fashioned field work (my favorite!)… there is a place for you!

So… if you have a passion for the unknown and would like to work with some really interesting, like minded people, let us know!

Angelia Sheer
State Director/Chief Field Investigator

Contact Angelia Sheer at http://www.angeliasheer.com



Angelia Sheer
State Director/Chief Field Investigator/STAR Team / 2019 MUFON Field Investigator of the Year

Angelia always been fascinated with the possibility of ET Life and the adventures that lay in store from that discovery. In her world, there is nothing more exciting than the pursuit of that knowledge and the wonders that may be discovered about ourselves and our universe at large. She has been in private UFO research for 30+ years and came on board with MUFON about 4 years ago. Including her years in private research and now her everyday activities with MUFON, she is excited to be part of some extraordinary UFO sightings, field investigations and first hand witness interviews.

Angelia looks forward  to building a strong team of new investigators, expanding MUFON Meetings across the state and bringing awareness to the general public about the ever increasing UFO Phenomena here in Tennessee.  Are we alone in the universe?   After speaking with thousands of witnesses and being present for some really incredible field investigations, she says Emphatically, “No”.

Contact Angelia at http://www.angeliasheer.com

Josh Cross
Assistant State Director/STAR Team

Josh Cross is a dedicated paramedic firefighter for Wilson County Emergency Management Agency and a Battalion Chief for Trousdale Emergency Services. He has worked in the fire and EMS industry since 1998 and enjoys being able to go to work every day knowing that he is helping others. Josh is truly an extraordinary paramedic and has been credited with saving many lives as well as delivering many babies on the fly.

While on vacation in Pensacola Florida in the fall of 2014, he and his family witnessed some strange lights over the ocean. They stayed stationary for approximately two hours and then moved away quickly. It was at that moment that he decided he wanted to know more. Josh joined MUFON and started attending meetings of the local chapter. After that, Josh was hooked, became a Field Investigator and eventually became our indispensable Assistant State Director.   Josh brings to MUFON his passion for the UFO Mystery and has been part of some extraordinary field investigations.

Don Williams
Aviation Advisor/Heavy Equipment/STAR Team

Don Williams was raised on a farm in Louisiana, where his family raised cows, hogs, cotton & soybeans .He joined the Army in 1974 as an enlisted man, specialized in communication, finished his education from Nurenberg American High School, West Germany and  graduated in Construction Engineering in 1981. He has been in commercial construction ever since. Don joined the Army National Guard Corps of Engineers in 1979, as a combat engineer.

Don saw numerous aerial phenomena and other unexplained events while living on the farm, and did not have any other sightings until h was flying his airplane back to Tennessee from Texas.  On that fateful day,he encountered a craft that was truly perplexing and that  could not be identified. He was tempted to report it to the tower or ask for confirmation, but back then pilots were all very hesitant to do that. That single event so captured his curiosity, he has been investigating the UFO mystery and searching for answers every since.

Dale Houston
Technical Advisor/Media Specialist

Dale Houston brings an interesting mix of skills into the world of Ufology. As a  Country Music singer, he grew up traveling with the great Merle Haggard and comes from a long line of entertainers and song writers. His Bakersfield Sound, continues the long line of traditional country singers, like, Merle, Buck Owens, and Dwight Yoakum. Dale continues today appearing locally in classic venues like the Nashville Palace and is heard via radio promoting “Classic Country”  Today, he still owns the “Big Silver Bus”, traveling across the US with other bands, singing locally and soon to be abroad.

Besides his career as an entertainer, Dale’s extensive knowledge of marketing and graphic design have been indispensable in the promotion of MUFON here in Tennessee.  He has designed and launched Web Pages, Face Book Pages, edits all of our interviews and continues to be a first class camera man  for all of our on-site investigations.
We are honored to have Dale as part of our team and look forward to his greater involvement with MUFON at large.

Joseph M. Escue
Field Investigator/ STAR Team

Joseph Escue is retired from the Tennessee Department of Health after twenty-four years of public service.  Joe currently is employed as a senior application development specialist for a Fortune 500 multinational corporation.  His education includes two years of aerospace science, a degree in Information Systems and work toward a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology.  Joe is a member of the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers Computer Society.  He witnessed his first UFO in the late 70’s as a private pilot.  It was an experience he will not forget.  Since then he has observed at least two other UFOs.  Both close to his home.

Joe has also been involved in the paranormal field for most his life.  After a Near Death Experience around the age of four or five his life has been filled with the paranormal, weird and unusual.  He has studied and researched the paranormal all his life.  Over the years Joe worked as an independent researcher, Science Director and investigator for NightStalkers Paranormal Research in Bowling Green, KY, Science Director for The Anomalies Research Center in Pleasant View, TN and is founder of Blue Light Paranormal in Hendersonville, TN.   Joe strives to maintain a healthy skepticism and scientific objectivity with every case.  He believes that one must first be able to ask the correct questions in order to find the correct answers.

John Dixon
Field Investigator

John Dixon comes to MUFON as a lifetime student of Human Behavior, UFO Research and all things that fall into that “High Strangeness” category. Having studied under the renown Joshua P Warren, John, a Certified Paranormal Investigator seeks to explain the inexplicable through scientific method. John is the first American to be awarded a diploma of Parapsychology by the Paranormal Academy of the UK,  is an Ordained Minister,  has served as both Pastor/Community Service Chaplain and has worked extensively with individuals that have experienced traumatic paranormal events.

As a child, John had an experience involving a UFO sighting which eventually lead to his becoming a MUFON Field Investigator. He now seeks to investigate UFO sightings, promote research, and educate the public on the phenomenon. With John’s exceptional training and experience with UFO Cases that involve ongoing, sometimes high strange paranormal events, he is an invaluable investigator for MUFON of Tennessee.

G. Kurt Veale
Field Investigator

For over 30 years, I was a Federal bank regulator, which made me curious and skeptical, and I can’t stop myself now.  This experience in addition to my personal interests in historical and experimental aviation may help me as a Field Investigator. Our heavens and oceans hold such mystery for me, still today.  We live on this exquisite, round blue diamond in a galaxy sprinkled with a few other blue diamonds.  This Earth may actually be the best full-service rest stop anywhere in our part of the Milky Way.  So, why would it be unusual that we might have visitors that see us as we are and keep their distance, most of the time?

My interest in unidentified flying craft started in about 1969 when I began reading the popular UFO books of that time.  My research since on the UFO subject has been studying new books and films, and trying to understand the apparent cloud of official secrecy about it.  I have looked up into our skies for decades and have never seen one anomalous thing!

Richard Renne, M.P. H
Field Investigator

Richard Renne comes to MUFON of Tennessee as a Radiological Physicist, Commercially rated pilot,  Advanced Flight Instructor and a resume of awards and achievements a mile long.  In September 1978, Richard had a close encounter while piloting his Beech Craft Bonanza in route from Lincoln, NE to Memphis, TN.  Here is a brief excerpt from his incredible sighting..

“Now, the sun has gone down and with the haze, it is now dark. I started to look to the right for the commuter when just off my right wing tip was a bright light in formation with me. I reported to the Memphis Center that if there were no other aircraft in my area I have a BOGEY, at 3 o’clock, and in tight formation with me. Memphis Center advised me to switch frequency and stand by. Immediately the controller asked if the UFO was still visible. I replied, “It was”. He then said has was going to ask me some questions to determine if I was safe and the aircraft was o.k. We went through a check of all navigation and radio equipment and I advised Center all appeared normal. The UFO was still directly off my right wing tip and it appeared as a bright white light(like a diode). I stated to the Controller that I was going to make a gentle turn towards the light. Well, at that point the Controller said with a loud and excited voice,” NEGETIVE ONE BROVO, DO NOT ENCROACH OR SHOW ANY AGGRESSION TOWARD THE UFO!”. And then all of a sudden the UFO made a vertical move so rapidly that I couldn’t follow it with my eyes…”!  –Richard Renne

MUFON of Tennessee is proud to have Richard on our team!