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MUFON of Tennessee


Since I was very young, I have been obsessed with the question “Are we alone?”. In our world today, with it’s increasing complexity and understanding about the vastness of our universe, how can we not all be enraptured with the idea of life elsewhere?

In spanning 30 years of private research, to the honor of heading up MUFON of Tennessee, I would like to invite those with the spirit of Curiosity and Adventure to join our team. We have many opportunities available to all… from organizing meetings, educating the public, technical consulting, and good old fashioned field work (my favorite!)… there is a place for you!

So… if you have a passion for the unknown and would like to work with some really interesting, like minded people, let us know!

Angelia Sheer
State Director/Chief Field Investigator

Angelia Sheer
State Director/Chief Field Investigator/STAR Team

Are We Alone in the Universe? I have always been fascinated with the possibility of ET Life and the adventures that lay in store from that discovery. In my world, there is nothing more exciting than the pursuit of that knowledge and the wonders we may discover about ourselves and our universe at large.

I have been in private UFO research for 30+ years and came on board with MUFON about 3 years ago. I was fortunate to meet Eddie Middleton, Tennessee State Director at that time, and was invited to take Steve White’s position as Chief Investigator when he moved into a new position with MUFON. Sadly, Eddie Middleton passed away this year and I was promoted to State Director. I was honored to be asked to fill some pretty big shoes.

Including my years in private research and now my everyday activities with MUFON, I am excited to be part of some pretty exciting cases, investigations and some extraordinary witnesses. I look forward with my team to building a strong team of new investigators, expanding MUFON Meetings across the state and bringing awareness to the general public about the ever increasing UFO Phenomena here in Tennessee.


Josh Cross
Assistant State Director/STAR Team

My name is Josh Cross. I am a paramedic firefighter for Wilson County Emergency Management Agency and a Battalion Chief for Trousdale Emergency Services. I have worked in the fire and EMS industry since 1998. I enjoy being able to go to work every day knowing that I am there to help others. I have always had a fascination with the unknown. I have researched and studied Ufology for many years. While on vacation in Pensacola Florida in the fall of 2014, my wife and I witnessed some strange lights over the ocean. They stayed stationary for approximately two hours and then moved away quickly. It was that moment that I decided I wanted to know more. I joined MUFON and started going to the meeting of the local chapter. I really enjoyed the people and atmosphere but I wanted more. I then decided to become a field investigator. Since becoming a field investigator, I’ve had the privilege of investigating some interesting cases and meeting a lot of great people. I use the skills I’ve learned being a paramedic to investigate the cases assigned to me.


Don Williams
Aviation Advisor/Heavy Equipment/STAR Team

I was Raised on a farm in Louisiana. I drove big tractors at 12 years old and did as much work as any grown man. We raised cows, hogs, cotton & soybeans I Quit school 3 months before graduation. Work pipeline construction, worked offshore oilfield. Joined the Army in 1974 as an enlisted man, specialized in communication. Got my HS diploma from Nurenberg American high school West Germany. Started to College and graduated in Construction Engineering in 1981. I have been in commercial construction ever since. I joined the Army National Guard in 1979, Corps of Engineers, heavy equipment, combat engineer. I saw numerous Ariel phenomenons while living on the farm, and did not have any other sightings until I was flying my airplane back to Tennessee from Texas. That’s what got me interested in trying to find out more about the UFO phenomenon.

Dale Houston
Technical Advisor/Media Specialist

This is my first foray into the world of UFOs and other unknown phenomena. I was always a believer. I knew that there were many unseen things in our universe. But I never had the environment to really let me discuss it. I grew up in and around the music business, with Country legend Merle Haggard. That led me to a career in Country music, with such legends as Vern Gosdin, Hank Cochran, and many more. While that is still my career, I am enjoying finally getting to explore ‘the rest’ in my spare time. Prior to my music career, I spent time in the corporate world, doing Advertising and Design for a Fortune 100 company. That is where I honed the skills and gained the knowledge, that I now offer to MUFON. I’m thrilled to be a part of the MUFON of Tennessee team.